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Guitarist. Singer. Songwriter.

Hello Friends!


Not the easiest announcement of my life, but after a lot of thought, I have decided that by October, I will be retiring from cover gigs. As you could probably assume, this decision was not made lightly. Ever since I graduated college in 2017, I have been performing full time, and it has exceeded my every expectation. Never did I expect to take my music abilities as far as I have, nor did I expect to feel so included in such a beautiful community. I have made countless friends for life, which will undoubtedly be the part I miss most about this job.


This is not the end of my music career! Despite the sadness I will inevitably feel during this transition, I have to emphasize how excited I am for the future. My time will be spent focusing on original music, which is ultimately why I got into the music industry in the first place. Writing music and touring with my bands is truly what makes me happiest. I cannot wait to do so much more of it, whether it be with Chasing Straights, Marielle Kraft, or any other band with whom I end up.


Thank you so much to everyone for the amazing support over the years. I love you all very much, and am so excited to show you what I have next.





P.S. For those of you who have booked me for a wedding in 2024, I will most certainly still be performing at it! 

Live at UDance 2018 (Bob Carpenter Center)

"Sam Capolongo dances on the fine line of creativity and exhilaration, with an unbelievable array of artistic expression."
        - Jamsphere
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